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CIT training for Law Enforcement and Corrections at Hennepin County Public Safety Facility

The Mental Health Crisis Response Institute, MHCRI, brings all the Barbara Schneider Foundation’s training programs together to strengthen the overarching themes of our mission and goals.  The Mental Health Crisis Response Institute grows the Foundation’s training mission by partnering with expert trainers and local agencies to provide effective de-escalation skills and strategies to professionals that encounter a person in a mental health crisis.  These skills will increase safety for the responder and participants in the encounter, reduce the need for seclusion and restraints, reduce the trauma of the crisis, and keep the person in crisis on the road to recovery and wellness.

"Your efforts have improved the lives of people with mental illness and helped others better understand the challenges of mental illness so all people can be treated equally, with dignity and respect.” 

Richard W. Stanek, Hennepin County Sheriff 

We appreciate BSF’s training  approach and support  their efforts to encourage collaboration between criminal justice and mental health in mental health crisis response.

Virginia K. Lane, Executive Director
School of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Metropolitan State University 

Overflow crowd at breakout session on "Cultural Barriers to De-escalation" at CITI Conference 2012


Welcome!  In any language our goal is...

  • Improving mental health crisis response. Preventing mental health crisis.
  • Améliorer l'intervention de crise en santé mentale. Prévention de crise de santé mentale.
  • Melhorar a resposta de crise de saúde mental. Prevenção de crises de saúde mental.
  • 提高心理健康危机的响应。心理健康危机预防。
  • Mejorar la repuesta de la crisis de salud mental. Prevención de crisis de salud mental.
  • Verbesserung der psychischen Gesundheit Krisenreaktion. Psychische Gesundheitskrise zu verhindern.


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Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.)


Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa


Regional Conference on October 9, 2018


8:30 am to 5 pm 


at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota

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*Open Enrollment - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, December 10-14, 2018  (full- no more enrollments)

December 10-14 (Location: Columbia Heights Police Department, 825 41st Ave NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421). Start and end times: 0800-1700. Cost: $650 per person includes all training materials. This culturally proficient training is a 5-day program developed to address real world situations in responding to individuals in a mental health crisis, and to teach participants to serve as coaches in future trainings. Post credits available. Register online here. Contact Mark Anderson at (612) 801-8572 or send him an email at to reserve your place in this class today! Check here for more information.


* Open Enrollment- CIT "Train the Trainer" training, December 15, 2018

December 15, 2018  (Location: Columbia Heights Police Department, 825 41st Ave. NE, Columbia Heights, MN)  Start and end times: 0830-1630. Cost: $150 includes all training materials. Class open to CIT coaches. Post credits available. Register online here. Contact Mark Anderson at (612)801-8572 or to reserve your place in this class today! Check here for more information.


* Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) Trainings and Restorative Justice 101 Trainings

Individuals, communities, and societies often arrive at crossroads where decisions are made in the heat of a crisis. These decisions either lead to (1) conflict and violence or (2) healing and peace. Address trauma, break cycles of violence, transform self and society. Restorative justice has been an alternative approach within the criminal justice system that focuses on the personally identified needs of the victims, the offenders, and impacted community members, instead of focusing solely on satisfying abstract legal principles and/or punishing the offender. Contact Donna Minter Phd, LP at (612) 377-4660 or go to or here for more information and to register for trainings.


* National Institute of Corrections Broadcast July 29, 2010

Crisis Intervention Team: An Effective Response to Mental Illness in Corrections

View or Download Today! A copy of this program can be ordered on CD-ROM from the NIC library Help Desk at

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