The Barbara Schneider Foundation's
Mental Health Crisis Response Actors' Troupe

CIT training for Law Enforcement and Corrections, Barron Cty, WI
CIT training for Corrections, Hennepin Cty, MN

In the Mental Health Crisis Response Institute's 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) trainings and 8 hour de-escalation trainings we use practical exercises so students can practice the skills they learn in class.  Scenarios for these practical exercises can be tailored specifically to locations, organizations or situations.  Scenarios are taken from real life situations and are lead by Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) trained Coaches.   They are enacted by the very professional, very diverse, and well trained Mental Health Crisis Response Actors' Troupe. 

The Mental Health Crisis Response Actors' Troupe is composed of the Adolescent Troupe  (age 9-18) and the Adult Troupe (age 18 and older).  To make the scenarios extremely authentic actors are trained how to emulate the actions of a person in a crisis situation by working with improvisational teachers/coaches; law enforcement and other first responders; mental health professionals; people with mental illness and other brain disorders; and advocates. 

Person in crisis with weapon, Ashland, WI.
CIT training for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Courts and Human Services, Ashland, WI

If you would like scenarios written for very specific circumstances please contact us 8-10 weeks prior to the training so that we have enough time to write the scenarios; vet them with first responders, mental health professionals, people living with mental illness and advocates; and work out any final problems with improv trainers/coaches and actors. 

Thank you for your consideration.  

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