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Training Materials

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  "Getting It Right"

This training video explains what Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is and why it is so beneficial for communities. 12 min. 30 sec.

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  "What's Our Problem"

This training video is about how Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is collaboration between law enforcement, mental health professionals, advocates and people with mental illness.  13 min. 

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  "To Give Back to the World: The Barbara Schneider Story"
Barbara Schneider died on June 12, 2000, when she was shot by police during a confrontation in a mental health crisis call.  People who knew Barbara well talk about her life and her accomplishments.  9 minutes. Item #103

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  The Mental Health Crisis Response Institute
The Mental Health Crisis Response Institute, MHCRI, Brings all the Barbara Schneider Foundation's training programs together to strengthen the overarching themes of our trainings.  11 min. 10 sec. Item #104

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We have mental health crisis scenarios for law enforcement, corrections, probation officers, social services, educators and healthcare. Call (612) 801-8572 for more information. Item #105

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  "De-escalation Techniques" pocket card (adult)
De-escalation card to carry in pocket covers key concepts of de-escalation of person in a mental health crisis, officer safety, contact numbers, and suicide assessment/history taking. Item #106


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