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Community Meeting in Karen Community in St.. Paul March 2014

Setting Up a Mental Health Crisis Prevention Program in Your Community 

Do you want to start a program to recognize, prevent, manage and de-escalate mental health crisis in your organization or community? 

No matter where you are located we can provide assistance, trainings and resources to help you and your organization start and manage a successful Community Mental Health Crisis Prevention Program. 

Elements of a program to assist your organization or community in setting up their own Community Crisis Program include:

  • Leadership development for systems change in your organization or community.

    • Working on cultural inclusion and cultural responsiveness from the beginning

    • Talking "with" people with mental illness not "about" people with mental illness.

  • Understanding the core elements of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

    • Community collaborations between:

      1. Law Enforcement

      2. Mental Health Providers

      3. Advocates/People with Mental Illness

  • Developing a strategic plan for establishing a Crisis Program in your community.


MHCRI working with Barron County, WI, Sheriff's Dept. to establish their own CIT program.

  • Setting up a Community Crisis Program that grows and is sustainable.

  • The 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) curriculum for law enforcement and corrections.

    • Training CIT certified coaches.

    • Training CIT certified trainers.

    • Training crisis actors for practical exercises.

    • Training personal recovery speakers and presenters.

  • Training other partners and community members.

    • Mental health crisis response training for:

      • Law enforcement and Corrections
      • Judicial and Legal Services
      • Healthcare
      • EMS/EMT
      • Social service providers
      • Educators
      • Security
      • Public and private transportation
      • Family members and friends
      • Churches 
      • Other community members who will encounter a person in a mental health crisis.

Contact us today about any or all of these program elements!

We have helped many organizations, communities, cities, counties, and states establish and manage Community Crisis Programs. We can help you too! We will do as little or as much as you want or need.

The Circle of Care
How organizations collaborate to support the recovery and wellness of people with mental illness

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