HuffPost Q&A: Minding Gun Control and Minds,  This response by David Katz M.D., director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine was published in the Huffington Post on Jaunuary 4, 2013 in response to a question on gun control and needed reforms to mental health care.  Dr. Katz links to the Mental Health Crisis Response Institute's website towards the end of the article when he refers readers to crisis responses resources that are available.  
"50 Years of Mental Health Hope and Struggle: 1957-2007" , By Mark Anderson and Lynda Cannova.  Mark Anderson , founding Executive Director of the Barbara Schneider Foundation, was Senior Policy Advisor on mental health and related issues for Senator Paul Wellstone's during his 12 years in the U. S Senate (1989-1990).  He has an MA in Liberal Studies.   Lynda Cannova is the mother of two grown sons whith schizophrenia.  She has worked with the Barbara Schneider foundation on policy development and outreach.  She has an MSW.

The following articles were produced by and reprinted with the permission of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association.