CIT, Crisis Intervention Team, Training 
Day One: Monday 
0800-0820 Barbara Schneider Foundation Welcome:  Video: What’s Our Problem?
0820-0830 CIT Officer Experiences
0830-0835 Housekeeping Items and Performance Objectives
0835-0900 Student Expectations
0910-1010 Overview of Mental Illness
1020-1100 Personal Stories of Recovery
1100-1200 Lunch
1200-1400 De-escalation
1410-1450 Practical Exercise Demo
1450-1500 Assign Practical Exercise Small Groups and move to Assigned Practical Exercise Locations
1500-1645 Practical Exercises
1645-1700 Debrief and Dismissed for Day One
Day Two: Tuesday
0800-0810 Welcome Back and Class Discussion
0810-0900 Personal Stories of Recovery
0900-0950 Co-occurring substance abuse
1000-1050 CIT for POs
1100-1200 Trauma, mental illness and barriers to effective crisis response in the community
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Suicide Risk Assessment
1400-1410 Assign Practical Exercise Groups
1410-1430 Move to practical exercise locations
1430-1635 Practical Exercises
1635-1700 Debrief and Dismissed For Day Two 
Day Three: Wednesday
0800-0810 Welcome Back Class Discussion
0810-0900 Psychiatric Medications
0910-1000 Personal Stories of Recovery
1000-1020 Tour Public Safety Facility Special Inmate Management Area 
1030-1115 Mental health court and a client of the court
1120-1215 Pre-petition Screening and Commitment Process
1215-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Veterans Court and a participant in the court
1400-1430 Assign Practical Exercise Small Groups and move to Assigned Practical Exercise Locations
1430-1635 Practical Exercises
1635-1700 Debrief and Dismissed for Day Three 
Day Four: Thursday
0800-0815 Welcome Back Class Discussion
0815-0930 Tour Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric and Acute Psychiatric Services                                      
0930-0945 Return to Class
0945-1130 Veterans’ Issues  and a veteran with PTSD and traumatic brain injury
1130-1220 Lunch                                                                                                                   
1220-1310 Interaction with mentally ill inmates                     
1310-1320 Break                                                                                                  
1320-1410 Inmate Management Team Philosophy
1410-1420 Break and move to Assigned Areas    
1420-1620 Practical Exercises
1620-1700 Debrief  and Dismissed for Day Four 
Day Five: Friday
0800-0810 Introduction to the day
0810-0930 Discussion of the role of coaching in teaching CIT and de-escalation
0930-1030 Mental Health Review: spectrum of mental health diagnoses and  brain related disorders including associated symptoms and behaviors
1030-1100 Discussion of the CIT model, Essential elements of CIT, Applicability to police, jail, hospital etc
1100-1130 Discussion of the role of the personal recovery stories in building empathy
1130-1230 Personal recovery stories by individuals with a mental illness mental health on their experience with crisis, treatment and recovery
1230-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 Review of De-escalation, techniques and practical exercise sessions
1430-1630 Practical Exercises
1630-1700 Debrief, Graduation and Dismissal