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Mark Anderson
Executive Director, The Barbara Schneider Foundation

Mark Anderson has an MA in Liberal Studies from Hamline University.   Mark is the Founding Director of the Barbara Schneider Foundation (2003). Before that he was the Senior Policy Advisor on health care, mental health, human rights and other related issues in the office of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone, including his work on universal health coverage and mental health and substance abuse treatment parity. He also served as Director of Board and Commission Appointments in the Office of Governor Rudy Perpich.   Appointed the Health Care Access Commission which initiated the process that lead to the creation of Minnesota Care.

Mark is a Founding Member of Crisis Intervention Team International.  You can contact Mark directly at



Renée Jenson
Development Director, The Barbara Schneider Foundation

Renée Jenson has an MA in Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota.  Renée works with individuals and organizations to develop partnerships and collaborate on ways to respond to crisis situations in communities. She is a former member of the Minnesota State Advisory Council on Mental Health, is a current member of the Ombudsman Committee for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities and serves on many law enforcement and community health advisory councils.  She is a frequent speaker for the Barbara Schneider Foundation on mental illness, recovery, crisis prevention, community collaboration, and how to minimize or prevent trauma in a crisis situation.

Renée is a Founding Member of Crisis Intervention Team International.  You can contact Renée directly at







Lieutenant Randy Carroll
Sr. Trainer, The Barbara Schneider Foundation

Lieutenant Carroll retired in 2016 from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, Adult Detention Division.  He specialized in inmate management and behavior modification. Randy spent 32 years in law enforcement, corrections and detention. 

Lt. Carroll received an award from the National Association of Counties in 2011 for introducing CIT training into the detention environment in 2007, the first of its kind in Minnesota.   Randy has been a CIT  trainer with the Barbara Schneider Foundation from 2005-present.

You can contact Randy directly at




Charles Jensen
Trauma and Recovery Specialist, The Barbara Schneider Foundation

Charles has an MA in Higher Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Charles has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars, webinars. and trainings across the country on the criminalization of mental illness.  After 89 arrests, Charles finally received an accurate diagnosis of his mental health disorder and he began to receive medications and care to promote his recovery.  He is a very articulate speaker on his experiences with the health care and criminal justice systems.  His most recent project was with the National Institute of Corrections on Crisis Intervention Team: An Effective Response to Mental Illness in Corrections.

You can contact Charles directly at




Sarah Doyle
Youth Mental Health Crisis Project Leader, Staff Training and Development, The Barbara Schneider Foundation

Sarah has attended college at Earlham, College in Richmond, IN and at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.  She is currently the Sales Lead at White House Black Market in Southdale Mall, Minneapolis. Sarah is a training coordinator and has spoken at many conferences, seminars, and CIT trainings around Minnesota on adolescent and young adult mental health disorders, trauma and recovery.  She is a very articulate speaker with many insights into mental health disorders and how they affect people as well as their friends, family and co-workers. She has worked for the Ramsey County Attorney's Office and received an award from the Sheriff's office, along with the rest of her unit for their outstanding work.

You can contact Sarah directly at



Our trainers offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous or current positions as:
Law enforcement officers
Correction officers
Probation officers
Mental health providers
Healthcare providers
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
University faculty
Community leaders 
We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of CIT International.